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What is the price?

Mix+Mastering Package

N.1 Song up to 16 tracks 179€
N.1 Song up to 32 tracks: 209€
N.1 Song from 33 tracks over: 229€


Stereo Mastering

N.1 Song – Analog 45€
N.1 Song – Digital 29€


Stem Mastering

N.1 Song – Analog 69€
N.1 Song – Digital 49€


For package offers, please select “Mix & Mastering” in the “Select Sevice” box.

What does the package include?

All packages include:

  • No. 2 FREE review
  • 1 minute of free mastering sample on a track
  • DDP 2.0 for physical printable CD (including CDTEXT, ISRC codes, UPC / EAN)
  • Mastering version for print to Vinyl
  • Optimized mastering version for digital music store and streaming (iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Tidal)
  • 12 months of free backup on our storage disks (RAID 5)

Do all price include taxes

All prices include 22% Italian tax

How do I pay for Eufonica's services?

We accept PayPal and Bank Transfer