She has been a teacher of modern singing since 2004. Erika has been intensively studying vocal techniques since teenager she took private lessons with prestigious singers such as Silvia Testoni and Iskra Menarini.

She run different didactic research projects in partnership with one of the most important Italian phoniatrician Dr. Franco Fussi. So, she created a master courses for singing teachers called VoiceToTeach. Every year teachers and singers, from every part of Italy, come to Bologna to attend the course.

She is involved on a development of the “whistle range”: it’s a technique concerned very high pitched human tone, where she is teaching how to modulate it and make it songlike.

She is singing, often in a duo or trio combo in live clubs around Ferrara and Bologna, She is backing vocal in the American bluesman Bill Toms’ Italian tours,  and she is the CEO of “Live Music School”.




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